Aims Precision Machining

AIMS Machine is a Reno automotive machine shop that specializes in antique marine restoration, off-road and sand rail engines, sport compacts, vintage engine rebuilding, motorcycle, atv, Harley and personal watercraft engines.

AIMS provides the expertise needed for final application design and consultation for any type of automotive machining needs. Our success and attention to detail on engines such as Gray Marine, Scripps, Hercules and Chris Craft to Chevy, Pontiac, Chrysler, Sport Compact and many more has been our main goal for our customers.

Since its inception in 1963, AIMS has always focused on custom engine building, street, strip and track sports, high performance specialties, and heavy equipment applications.


Aims, Inc. has steadily become the most integrated engine machine shop with the highest quality of parts and machine work to go along with the quickest turnarounds. We have been acknowledged in national magazines, newspapers and other media. Our reputation is unsurpassed since our birth in 1963. We pride ourselves on client word-of-mouth as well as new customer testimonials. We have the cleanest and most organized engine machine shop with the most up to date equipment in northern Nevada.